That is why we are trying to build Amma Ecosystem, and AAAA(A) MegaEcosystem.

That is why we are trying to build Amma Ecosystem, and AAAA(A) MegaEcosystem.

Others talk, whereas we act at the right time with the right moves.

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My guess is we will have not only useful insight into genetics and epigenetics, but such diverse topics as the nature of consciousness, the seat of biological behaviors, the roots of identity, and many other fun topics if this information is fully unpacked.

Childhood Stress Affects Behavior of Offspring: Mouse Study

Separation from mother is a common early stress model for experimental animals. It is known that mice and rats separated from their mothers during the first weeks of life demonstrate more disturbing behavior and reduced learning abilities compared to their relatives. Although the behavioral consequences of such a negative experience are well studied, it is still not known what molecular and structural changes in the brain are associated with them.

Neurobiologists from Russia suggested that memory and learning deterioration due to early stress is associated with impaired development of the hippocampus. This part of the brain is involved in the memory formation and plays an important role in responding to stress and in regulating the level of anxiety. In one of the hippocampus structures, the dentate gyrus, the formation of new neurons continues even in adult animals. Therefore, hippocampus disorders may lead to many behavioral and cognitive pathologies."


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